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Larry Hodgson
Canada's Garden Route Spokesperson Author of "A Garden Lover's Guide to Canada"

Take a Forest Bath Today

The latest trend from the Orient is “forest bathing”: taking a short, leisurely stroll in a park or forest. The term is a translation from the Japanese ‘Shinrin-yoku’. In Japan, forest bathing is a recognized relaxation and stress management activity, akin to aromatherapy. Studies show that that forest bathing trips significantly increase the subject’s vigour while decreasing anxiety, depression and anger, leading to the recommendation that habitual forest bathing may help to decrease the risk of psychosocial stress-related diseases. It also boosts the immune system… and a strong immune system is something our bodies really need as we approach the flu season.


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Welcome to Canada’s Garden Route.

If you love visiting gardens, you're in great company. It is estimated that, annually, over 120 million people visit gardens worldwide and if garden events, festivals, trails and tours were included, that number would be more than 300 million people!

Whether you travel to a particular destination to see a specific garden, as millions of people do the world over, or include a couple of garden experiences to check out while you’re travelling –– you’re part of an international movement exploring what makes a destination distinctive, authentic and memorable, including its gardens. It’s all about experiencing the essence of a destination – its ‘cultural terroir’ – and, in so doing, being enriched both intellectually and emotionally.

If this sounds like you, then you’ve landed on the ideal website for your Canadian garden visiting needs.

Canada's Garden Route is not a ‘route’ per se, instead, it is the most comprehensive listing of Canadian gardens and garden experiences. If you’re planning to stop in and visit some of the finest examples of horticulture the country has to offer – this is where you’ll find the perfect garden experience you’re looking for.

You can search for gardens by name, category, province or city. Just click on the link that best suits your purposes.

Canada's garden experiences look forward to welcoming all visitors, whether you come from across town or from around the world.

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